Will "the Mighty" Strohl

JumpStartTV - A DotNetNuke® Channel?

If you are not already familiar with JumpStartTV, you should be.  They are are great team of people publishing bite-sized videos for various topics. 

While most of their videos are focused on the technical topics (i.e., SQL Server), there are many other videos there.  For instance, the second most popular video category appears to be bartending.  Those videos show you how to pour various mixed drinks.

Well, a while back at the Jacksonville Code Camp, I was approached to perhaps start a DotNetNuke® channel.  Of course, you just know I have to jump at the chance to do anything for DotNetNuke®!

We didn't touch base on this topic again for a while.  So, I approached one of the owners of JumpStartTV, and a few weeks later, we have a large handful of DNN videos!

Here is a run-down of what we have so far.  There are more to come!  Once we have enough, we should be able to have an actual DotNetNuke® channel on JumpStartTV!  (All videos are less than 4 minutes.)

That's it.  There are more to come.  I hope you enjoy the videos, and please rate them and comment on them honestly.  I want them and any future videos to have the best value for you.

I was just reminded that I have an authors page with a listing of all of the videos I have done:

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