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DNN v5.0 - Update Service Notification

Most of you already know that DotNetNuke® version 5.0 (Cambrian) is coming very soon.  In fact, it is in Release Candidate 1 stage right now.  I had the privelege to be able to run this and begin playing with it.  While it still have some bugs to work out, I did find a feature that immediately struck as blog-worthy.

Everyone knows that DotNetNuke® has for some time now begun to tell us when newer versions of DNN or its modules are available.  It is said that this feature will be available for module and skin developers to use in the future.  However, what most people did not know is that when it called out to get that information, it did so automatically, and it also sent some anonymous information about your environment.  Don't worry.  It is only about your OS version, framework version, etc.

That information is harmless enough, but you as the installer never knew that it was happening.  And you never had an option to disable it until after it had already been done at least once, following a successful install.  Well, the good folks on the DNN core team have remedied that.  Now, during the wizard process, you have the following step added:

DNN Wizard - Update Service Options

So now, you have two options immediately available to you if you choose to use the wizard during installs.  First, do you want to have DNN notifiy you when an update is available.  This is the option that we have been speaking about already.  The second and new option is asking whether you want to be notified via e-mail of updates.  This feature is nice, and it will use the host account information that was entered in the wizard to contact you.

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