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Jacksonville Code Camp - It Happened

On Saturday August 23rd, the fourth annual Jacksonville Code Camp took place.  It was quite a feat since Hurricane/Tropical Storm Fay kept threatening the code camp event from all angles.

Considering all that the Jacksonville Developers Group had to go through in order to get this event to actually take place, this event was an outstanding success!

A total of 170 people showed up despite the storm system that had just left the area.  I drove up from Orlando, and we had Fay sitting on us for 3 days, so I already knew what to expect in terms of weather. 

I made the trip primarily to represent the Orlando DotNetNuke® Users Group.  In doing so, the ODUG sponsored a table to meet other DNN enthusiasts.  Mike Webb, the Director of Education for the ODUG, and Dave Dyer helped me "man" the table.  We had a blast meeting and talking to other folks interested in DNN.

Mike Webb, Will Strohl, Dave Dyer representing ODUG at the Jax Code Camp 2008

There were quite a few tracks, many speakers, and many more people expected to attend, and at the last minute the event coordinators found out that the original location was no longer available.  With only a couple short days to go, they snatched up a local church and got it ready for us.

The morning of, they found themselves preparing and creating rooms with projectors and flat screen televisions for us to use in order to present our topics.  I connected to one of the televisions flawlessly.  I was pleasantly surprised.

The entire schedule was a bit behind, so I messed up and ended up in my presentation room an hour or so early.  As luck would have it, Andrew Connell was presenting on Sharepoint before me.  We had a fun conversation about both technologies.  In fact, I had to inform him of a recent find by Mike Webb of a Sharepoint Community web site that is using DotNetNuke®, called Sharepoint Campus.  Funny, heh?

I presented first a session titled, "Introduction to DotNetNuke®".  In this session, I walked everyone through a DotNetNuke® installation, uninstallation, and upgrade.  We also spoke briefly about the admin and host roles and menus. 

The second and final session I presented was an Introduction to Skinning DotNetNuke®.  Most of the people from the previous session attended this one.  We went over all of the fundamentals of the skin objects and skin packages.  We also demonstrated installing skin packages.  Unfortunately, I ran out of time with this session.

All things considered, both sessions went great.  I will have the session materials posted on the Orlando DotNetNuke® Users Group web site very soon.


I would like to thank a sponsor for the ODUG for contributing.  Infragistics was kind enough to donate a copy of its control suite.  I drew a lucky winner at the end of the code camp.


I would also like to thank Dave Dyer and Mike Webb for helping me "man" the ODUG table at the code camp all day.  They are partners at DNNSpired.com.  They do some great work within and for the DNN community.  Go buy a module from them!  ;)

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