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UPDATES: Failed DNN Upgrade, ONETUG, and Jax Code Camp


Well, I decided to finally upgrade some of my sites to DNN version 4.08.04.  However, I failed in two places. 

  1. First, when I downloaded my live site files to my local machine, I didn't know that the portals directories had FTP errors.  Somehow, they were almost completely forgotten. 
  2. Second, when I uploaded the upgrade file system to the live server, I also uploaded an invalid Default.htm file that made it look like my upgrade went bad.  Since it is in the default document list above the ASPX file, I thought that I missed something during the upgrade.  (Boy, did I?!)

Well, due to item #2 above, I rolled back my install.  When I roll back an install, I normally delete the live site and just drop the files from my back-up back in.  Well, here is an example why you might not want to do that. 

Now, all of the sites on that install are missing images and documents that were included in the Portals directories.  Luckily, these sites are all mine, so no one that is paying for has been harmed...  Whew!

What wasn't good was that I didn't go to sleep that night while I was trying to restore as much of the site as I could.  I counted - I was awake for 33.5 hours straight.  And I went to work the next day!  Ugh!

ONETUG - Orlando .Net Users Group


This thursday, the ONETUG has their monthly meeting.  I will be there promoting the ODUG.  I hope to see you there.  The topic is about generics, and promises to be very cool!

Jacksonville Code Camp


I plan on at least attending the Jacksonville Code Camp next month.  I say at least attend, because they have a weird session registration process.  It makes absolutely NO SENSE to me. 

As a speaker or presenter, you suggest a session.  Then, the suggestion page is turned into a voting page where the public votes on the sessions that they want to see in the Code Camp.  That idea by itself is great!

Here is where this gets very murky...  I submitted two sessions that I would like to present on.  However, I was not logged in or anything.  So, let's assume that they are voted in.  How in the world are they going to know who should present it?  Will someone "steal" my session?  What if a non-presenter suggested it?  Where are they going to find a presenter to do it only a month out?  What if the person who chooses to present it doesn't like the submitted presentation description/outline?  Now the presentation will be changed, but only the presenter will know it.

In my opinion, this procedure is only about half-way thought out.  I hope they do a better job of this next year.  :(

I will make sure I attend, but who knows what will happen with the session presentations. 

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