Will "the Mighty" Strohl

RE: DotNetNuke® Newsletter

It was very cool to see my name mentioned in the DotNetNuke® newsletter for the second time (that I know of).  I love the newsletters.  I think it is more important than anything else to receive regular correspondence from the project founder when we are are part of a project as large and as global as DotNetNuke® is.

Apparently, I was the 3rd top forum poster in the month of May, behind Sebastian Leupold and Mike Horton.  I do not thing anyone can even come close to challenging Sebastian for the honor of top poster.  ;)

Another area where my name was mentioned was for my recap of the OpenForce Connect Orlando event.  So per the newsletter, here are the known published recaps of the this event:

by Will Strohl (me)
by Joe Brinkman
by Tom Kraak
by Brian Scarbeau

I once again thank everyone for everything that they did to make this one of a kind event possible.  It was incredible, and from what I was told, the folks at Microsoft took notice too, due to our attendance numbers beating theirs, and on such short notice.

Well, that's all for now.  Take it easy...

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