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Quick! It's an Emergenza!!!

My girlfriend and I went to BackBooth in downtown Orlando on Sunday (5/8/2006) to see our favorite group play for Emergenza, an international battle of the bands. You won't see Metallica here though. This is all local music playing for the honor of being the best.

The band we came to see is called InHhume. Not to be cliche, but they ROCK! However, that is not exactly how you might classify them. There were plenty of other bands performing there as well. This was a semi-final, meaning that each band had already made it past one round. They all did great in my opinion, hence this entry in my blog.

When we first arrived, a metal band that appeared to consist of four teenagers was playing some very loud death metal. The name was interesting. They go by This Last Dance. They are listed as "Post Hardcore", whatever that is. However, they sounded like death metal. As a group, they performed quite well. If they are indeed teenagers as they appeared, then they could have a bright future. However, at this point they need to find their sound and they have all the time in the world to do it. All the most successful bands in history had something unique that added something extra to attract fans. The only other thing I would want to say about this band is that their front man doesn't have a whole lot of stage presence yet, but I wouldn't give up on his just yet. Look to see great things from these guys if they keep working at it!

I believe the second band to hit the stage was Valor. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the akwardness of the performane of their front man, I can't quite enjoy this band. Everything they did I have already seen over and over again from other bands. Their brand of what sounded like death metal didn't really offer anything. Also, the microphone levels rarely let us truely hear any lyrics from them. From what I could tell, the sound man had presets on a sheet of paper for each band and they apparently were wrong for these guys.

I may very well have the order of these first few bands wrong, but the next band we saw was Losing It. Now, I was very taken by their music and their stage presence. Their interpetation of metal/hard rock definitely brought the place to life. I will be sure to see these guys play again if I can. They took over the stage and the entire bar for that matter. If my research is right, they are from the coast which is quite a distance to drive for a Sunday gig. They also brough along quite a following for being from so far away. Their music and their lead man also inspired quite an entertaining mosh pit. It would go away from time to time as the participants got tired, but it would spark back up before the set was over. I wouldn't be surprised if you saw a label and tour in their near future.

Next, Boxplow took the stage and gave a performance that reminded me a bit of Helmet and Pantera. I really cannot explain why because it wasn't the same. Perhaps you can see them somewhere and figure it out for yourself. Their hard hitting sound and piercing vocals draw you in. You can see the passion that they are putting into their music. It was quite impressive.

Now walks in a band called Frogwater. By looking at them you might think you were about to hear a classic rock cover band. They were certainly the elders of the night's participants, but they without a doubt held their own. Although I didn't particular find anything new or different about their music, they rocked the place. Their guitarist, Darren obviously sleep with his guitar because there cannot be any other way for someone to become that in tune with an instrument. They also brought their own following which added to the festivities. The women were all jumping up and down which was amusing enough, but it added to the irony of the band's salamandarian-like namesake. Get it? Frogs hop... Nevermind.

Finally... The band I came to see! InHhume came to the stage. We were not alone in the place with InHhume having also brought its own group of fans. Whenever anyone asks me about InHhume, I cannot quite bring to words what their music could be classified as. However, one on place on the web I found a term they used, "Experimental Rock". I think that could do it. I often describe their music as a rollercoaster ride. Their music grabs you and pulls you emotionally through the performance. Although I have only had the honor to see them once prior, this might have been their best performance to date (they might disagree). Their lead man, Brandon, took the crowd with him on their musical journey as usual. I did notice something unique to their performance that I didn't see from any other band all night long. While InHhume was on stage, I saw members from all of the other bands standing near the stage watching and riding the coaster like the rest of us. Also, being the good guys they are, they voted for every other band that played that night. I must say, although I will miss them, I cannot wait until they are famous and forget about the little people like me. They deserve it!

The final band to take the stage is labeled as Hard Funk. Once again, what is that?! They call themselves Greyscale. Being a web developer, I immediately have to say that they by far have the best web presence. Although the original intentions were noble, MySpace has morphed into a cancer on the internet. This band has a very nice web site. I couldn't bring myself to finish watching their performance though because I couldn't appreciate their style of metal-branded rap. Unfortunately, I am highly biased here. They obviously are good at what they do because they had filled the place with their fans, something that no other band that night was able to do. There was literally standing room only.

In closing, I congratulate InHhume for having an awesome performance as well as all the others. Being an artist of any kind isn't easy. I applaude you all. However, InHhume was the only band in attendance that I was able to hear on the radio airwaves on my way home. :P

Have a good one!

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