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Our Visit to the San Antonio Zoo

First of all, let me get something out of the way.  When we were in Midland, we were pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was at 102 degrees.  However, it is less than 100 degrees here in San Antonio, and I am reminded of how hot it is in Florida.  San Antonio has a MUCH higher level of humidity.

That being said, it was obviously a hot day today while we visited the San Antonio Zoo.  The zoon is basically located right in the middle of the city.  I was grateful to not have to pay a parking fee.  It was actually free.  The admission fee to the zoo was really low too.  We paid just over $20 for three of us. 

We saw a lot of animals there.  It was very cool to see the amount of different animals that they had there.  However, I was rarely impressed at all by the enclosures of the animals.  They appeared to be designed to make people stop.  Not necessarily make people enjoy the site.

As far as animals go, there were a lot of different types to see here.  There were even animals that I haven't see before.  For some reason, this zoo had a huge emphasis on birds.  There were bird enclosures everywhere.  Since I love Crocodilians so much, it was great to see several Caimans, and other Crocodilians. 

It was pretty convenient that they accepted all major credit cards at all of the food and snack stands.  However, approvals were slow, so I can only assume that they are still using dial-up modems for the approval.

Here's a gripe...  I was disappointed at the map and the overall layout of the park.  It appeared to be designed to get you lost and keep you in the park.  (Much like the surrounding highways.)

Let's talk green now though...  All over the park, there were recycling bins for plastic and aluminum containers.  Also, while you exit the park, there is a recycling bin asking for your park map.  So, they encourage recycling of plastic, aluminum, and paper.  That is great!  I would express disappointment in no glass recycling, but they do not sell anything in glass containers.  And you shouldn't be bringing in anything in a glass container.

I didn't notice anything else that might be a "green" practice or feature.

Kim, Paige and I had a great time even though it was hot enough to cook on the side walk.  I think we all would agree that more shade would do this park well.

Kim and Paige posing in the shade at the Rhino exhibit

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