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Road Trip to San Antonio

The last time I drove across Texas was many years ago, but not much has changed.  I remember driving miles upon miles without seeing anything but desert and shimmering highway.  That is still the way that it is.  However, there is a really cool addition that was not there before.  Luckily, I just read about this in the Fast Company magazine too!

In certain parts of Texas, you now see wind mills on the tops of mountains and ridges, generating electricity.  What I remember from the Fast Company article is that these wind mills generate enough electricity to power 1.2 million homes.  (I could have remembered that stat wrong though.)

Wind Mills in Texas (far shot)

Texas Wind Mills (closer shot)

We decided to take a couple stops.  For instance, we stopped in Ozona, Crockett County to visit the Davy Crockett statue, and their museum.  It was pretty cool.  Davy Crockett never actually visited this area though.  The name was meant to pay tribute to his enormous contribution to American history.

The town of Ozona was really cool too.  It is kind of like the town that time forgot.  Everything is so rustic and original.  There is a huge realization of being so easy-going and laid back everywhere.

Davy Crockett Statue

Crockett Museum

When we finally made it to San Antonio, we needed to eat dinner.  We decided to go off of a recommendation and eat at Mi Tierra.  We were told that the food there was excellent, and it was true Mexican food.  Unfortunately, the restaurant did not live up to its reputation.  The atmoshpere and ambience was second to none, but the food was barely above average.  I could get better Mexican food in Florida.  (That is S-A-D!)

If you visit the San Antonio area, I only recommend Mi Tierra for its showy things like mariachi's at your table, and an authentic Mexican show where there are dancers and musicians.

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