Will "the Mighty" Strohl

My (former) Favorite Hotel Chain

The service is still great.  However, there were some things that just don't measure up any longer.

First, I needed to alter my reservation to make 3 different reservations since we planned to go to San Antonio.  I will still be staying at the hotel for the same number of days, but I was charged $25.00 to make the change.  I wasn't allowed to simply change the reseration though.  I had to cancel the original reservation, and make 3 new ones.  What a hassel!  I think this is typical in the hotel business though.  If you ask me, it is a scam regardless. Unless I cancelled too close to the date of check-in, what does it matter?  What does the $25.00 pay for?  That is rediculous.

Next, I am very unhappy with the towels.  They are rough and small.  I think this is typical too though.  It seems that hotels try to find a balance between unbearable and perfect in regards to how the towels feel so that they can prevent folks from stealing the towels.

As far as green travel goes, I was very happy to see that most of their light bulbs have been changed to the compact fourescent bulbs (CFB).  The only places where they weren't is where there isn't one the right size, or where the aesthetics of the CFB would make the light fixture look ugly.

I was also pleased to notice a large card on the bed giving customers instructions on how leaving the card in different places will tell the staff if the sheets should be changed or not.

La Quinta Bed Card

The La Quinta Bed Card reads: It's easy to wake up on the right side when you're saving the planet.  Help reduce the amount of water and energy we use. Place this card on your pillow, and your linens will be changed daily.  No card on your pillow means your linens will be changed every three days.

Those two items are where the steps to be "green" seem to end.  I do not see any recycling bins.  I believe the key card is reusable, but it is made of plastic that is not recycleable.  The appliances in my sweet are not energy star compliant either.

Okay.  Now, I need to find another hotel.  :(

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