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Arrived In Texas and First Thoughts

This is not my first time in Texas, but it has been several years.  And the most time I spent in Texas in the past was only a couple of days.

Living in Florida, I am used to a particular kind of heat.  Central Florida has about 80% humidity.  That is much more than other places.  It was 102 degrees here today and it felt great!  Back in Florida, that temperature would have caused some to commit suicide. 

There were some distinct differences that I thought I should note.  First, the roads here are very confusing.  There are yeild signs everywhere.  Highways nearly always have a service
road next to them, running parallel and giving access to businesses.  However, instead of having on and off ramps, there are intersections where the two roads are given an opportunity to merge together.  Also, the stop signals are sideways. 

Something else about the roads that annoys me are that one way streets are usually not well marked. 

When I was looking around, I noticed that the type of vehicle on the road around here is about 50% trucks.  They are everywhere.  A quick glance at all of them reveals that very few are actually used for much more than a daily vehicle.

Here is something I noticed about 7-11.  Here, they are not using Citgo fuel.  It is Fina.  Fina is apparently a local or domestic fuel source.

Speaking of fuel sources...  There are pump jacks everywhere!  In all directions you will see pump jacks.  For the most part, they are all pumping.  If you are not familiar with what a pump jack is, it pumps oil from the earth.  There are a large handful of refineries around here too.

While dealing with those observations, my first mission after leaving the airport was to find some good Mexican food.  I LOVE Mexican food.  It is certainly my favorite behind sushi. 

We drove around the area and found a place called Sauceda.  It touts itself as being a "tamale factory".  It looked kind of like a run-down family restaurant, so I was sold on stopping immediately.  Upon entering, I was quickly confused by the menu.  It was too simple and certainly caters to the local or regular customers.  It looked like the only meat that they served was pork. 

Suacedo Tamale Factory (Sign)

Saucedo Tamale Factory (Store Front)

We ordered some tacos and some tamales.  They were both excellent!  The taco shell was just crispy enough and still soft.  Their salsas were all fresh made, and all but one were actually hot!  I was pleasantly surprised that their sweet tea was sweetened just enough to enhance the tea flavor.  I would definitely suggest this place to anyone.

We next needed to get some things for the hotel room like shampoo, conditioner, and soap.  Something that really threw me off was the price of everything in the grocery store.  A bottle of shampoo and condition that I know to be $0.99 back in Florida is $2.99 here!  Talk about mark-up!

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