Will "the Mighty" Strohl

On Vacation & Flying Over the Gulf

Since were are flying to Texas from Florida, our plane took the direct route.  I have never flown over the coast before.  What was interesting to see was the number of boats and ships out and about in the Gulf.  Some of the ships were just large boats.  Others appeared to be cargo vessels with many conex boxes on them.

Something that was even more interesting was the oil rigs.  I have always known that there was oil rigs in the gulf, but I was under the impression that there was just a couple of them.  I saw one every few minutes.  It was very disappointing from an environmental view.  But then again, I am no expert in the subject. 

Another observation I had was while flying into the Houston area.  We were descenting, so we had a nice close look at the bay that is right next to Houston.  There were many more boats and ships.  In the bay area, it is obviously not as deep as the gulf itself.  What I saw was how much the boats and their wake was disturbing the bay floor.  Right behind every ship, you saw clear to the bottom of the bay.  Everywhere else, it was brackish.

Well, we have some time before our connecting flight boards.  I think we will go and get something to snack on.  I am hungry already.  We left home at 5:00 AM, and ate breakfast right before we left.  So even though it is 9:00 AM local time here, my body thinks it is lunch time.

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