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Speaking Engagement: DotNetNuke® OpenForce Connect - Orlando

Since it has finally been announced, I can announce my session.  During the planning of TechEd in Orlando, it was noticed that there would be an entire weekend where the convention center would be rented, but nothing would be going on.  So, Joe Healy asked a local DNN enthusiast, Brian Scarbeau to put on a DNN Track - much like the one we had at Orlando .Net Code Camp this year.

Originally, it was titled DotNetNuke® University, and would only feature local speakers.  However, the DNN Core team took notice of some of the things we are doing here, mostly thanks to Mike Webb from DnnSpired.  Following the inclusion of the DotNetNuke® Core team members, they decided to rebrand it as DotNetNuke® OpenFore Connect - Orlando, as a way to be able to connect with DNN users and enthusiasts at the local community level for Code Camps, user groups, and other local events.  Orlando is just the start!  Jealous? 

Well, I have the privelege and honor of being asked to be one of the speakers at this event.  My session will cover some of the skinning basics, but I will also go into some of the tips and tricks I have learned to accomplish certain business requirements.

Among those that will be speaking with are: Darrell Hardy, Stan Schultes, Tracy Wittenkeller, Brian Scarbeau, Shaun Walker, Nik Kalyani, Scott Willhite, and Joe Brinkman.  Whenever I think about it, I cannot really believe that I am speaking at the same event as they are.  I truely humbled and honored to be able to stand beside all of these brillant and talented people.

I hope to see you there!

DotNetNuke® OpenForce Connect - Orlando

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