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AOL, SPAM, and Will You Just Die Already?

You know, sending legitimate e-mail is becoming increasingly more difficult as spammers get more and more creative in finding ways around SPAM prevention techniques used by the larger e-mail providers.  That being said, one of the sites I am associated with just became black-listed by AOL.

I already do not have a favorable opinion of AOL.  They misrepresent the Internet to their customers.  Most of the AOL customers I have met do not understand how I can connect to the Internet without the AOL software.  Fortunately, this is changing for the better.  As kids grow up and teach their close-minded parents about the Internet, eyes are opening, and AOL is losing its market share.

Anyhow, let's get back to the topic at hand...

Although the site I am talking about will eventually send out a large amount of e-mail, it isn't right now.  So, according to the AOL white list guidelines, someone must have marked one of our e-mails as spam manually.  This infuriates me since the only e-mails that are sent out so far have been as a response to either a reservation made by the visitor, or a response to them signing up on the site.  We haven't even begun a newsletter marketing campaign yet. 

[Homer's Voice] Stupid users!

Although none of this would be necessary if not for the spammers out there.

[Homer's Voice] Stupid spammers!

Well, now I have found myself jumping through hoops this morning to make sure that our server has the appropriate settings, and then filling out their form.  Then, responding to their e-mail check.  And I am finally at the point of crossing my fingers and waiting for them to approve or deny my white list request.

What I cannot stand about this is that I am sure I will have to do this again in the future, but for a different e-mail provider.  When that happens, if they allow us to participate in a rebuttal process, who's to say that we will not have to make changes to our e-mail servers that will no longer keep the likes of AOL happy?!

On a closing note, I would like to mention a heartening article I read in a VERY good and environmentally conscience magazine called "Fast Company".  The article I am mentioning walks us through all of the reasons that AOL should be closing its doors in the near future.  It basically outlines all of the bad decisions that it has made in the past that has resulted in its current low levels of revenue.  All I have to say about that is, "when are you going to just die already?!"

And I am done. 

[Steps down from the soap box]

Feel free to gripe back about how stupid this post and my view point is...

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