Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Woo hoo! My new system...

My PC at home typically doubles as a file server.  In PC years, my home work station was ancient.  I should have replaced it a long time ago. 

I just mentioned it being a file server.  Well, wiith it being a file server on my home network, I naturally had permissions in place to keep prying eyes out of certain directories.  For instance, the last thing I need is a curious family member to accidentally opening and changing a code file or Photoshop file.

Wouldn't you know it, I forgot to reset these permissions before removing and moving the hard drive for data extraction to the new machine (new, larger, and faster hard drive). 

The file transfer didn't like me trying to move all of the files with deny entries in the ACL.  I had to first try and use the SubInACL tool from Microsoft.  However, I either couldn't find the right command line arguments, or it wasn't going to fix my problem.

Next, I tried an open source product from SourceForge, called SetACL.  This worked like a charm.  I found it on a forum while performing a Google Search to find a solution to my problem.  After some reading through the online documentation, I was able to reset the permissions on all of the directories and files in the old hard drive.

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