Will "the Mighty" Strohl

My Introduction to DotNetNuke® Skinning Session Today

Today was my session on how to create a skin for DotNetNuke® web sites.  It was presented to the Orlando DotNetNuke® Users Group.  I covered all of the initial materials that one would need to know in order to build their first skin, or even to make existing skins better.

First of all, I did arrive late.  But I was lucky enough to get there prior to the opening topics being completed.  Sorry everyone!  Luckily, I brought cookies and candy, so everyone seemed to like that.

Unlike my last presentation, I feel that this one went pretty well.  Although there were not as many questions as I would have liked, everyone appeared to be tuned in to what I was saying.  Mike Webb from DnnSpired was a BIG help.  He was on the spot, asking questions that others might have not known to ask, or to help clarify a point I was speaking to.

I ran right up to the end up to the end of our allotted time.  I was pleased with some of the comments by folks when they were leaving.  I know I wouldn't expect to hear the bad comments right then, but along with the comments, there was group applause and that is always a good sign.

Well,  if you have any bad or constructive comments, I would actually like to hear those more than the good ones.  So please do not hesitate to let me know.  E-mail me or even comment in this blog entry.  I do not mind.

I hope to see you at the next ODUG meeting, or even at any other event that I may be speaking at or attending. 

If you attended todays session, here are the session files:


Have a good one!

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