Will "the Mighty" Strohl

First Orlando DotNetNuke® User Group Meeting

The first Orlando DotNetNuke® User Group meeting was held near downtown Orlando yesterday.  It was a really good time meeting others who use and are passionate about DotNetNuke® (DNN).

Finding a parking space proved to be somewhat difficult at the Lake Highland Prepartory School, but it worked out good enough.  Once we all got seated, we began our first meeting by introducing ourselves and talking about how we go involved with DNN, our web sites, and what we want to learn about.

We had a pretty diverse group in attendance.  We had one person that really hasn't used DNN yet, all the way to the experienced and talented folks from DNNSprired.com who are going to have a presentation on their modules next month.

We immediately were able to isolate two areas of concern: modules (in general), and skin development.  I was lucky (or unlucky?) enough to be chosen to present a session on skin development.  This will be my first presentation outside of any of my day jobs, so I am pretty excited.  I just need to practice talking slow now.  :(

My initial thoughts on the outline of my presentation are as follows:

  • Skin concepts
  • Skin dos and don'ts
  • Basic creation
  • Packaging
  • Installing
  • Adding complexities (images, flash)
  • Modifying existing skins
  • Modifying skins live

Let me know if I forgot anything.  My presentation is tentatively planned for either 4/5/2008 or 5/3/2008.  It depends on when we can schedule a local Microsoft speaker. 

If you can make it, I hope to see you at one of the future meetings!

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