Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Photograph : At the Base of the Citrus Tower

Clermont, Florida is just outside of Orlando, and it used to be one of the highest producers of oranges in the state.  However, since the freeze that hit Florida in the 90's, the groves have steadily been replaced with homes and businesses.

In its hey day, the Citrus Tower served a dual purpose.  It gave an easy way to overlook the orange groves, and it also was a touristy landmark.  People would regularly stop by just to get a good look of the area, and perhaps snap a few pictures.

The touristy purpose still remains, but the orange groves do not. 

This is a shot I took just before going inside to eat at a mexican restaurant at the base of the tower, called Santiago's.  (Their food is yummy!)

I had to perform some color correction since the late afternoon sun was behind me.  Other than that, mother nature and the man-made structure took care of the rest. 

At the Base of the Citrus Tower

At the Base of the Citrus Tower

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