Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Photograph : Police On Duty

Believe it or not, sometimes I have my cameria with my while I am driving, and if I see a good chance to take a shot, I take it.  I just set the camera on top of the steering wheel, and snap a few.

I would not suggest to anyone or encourage anyone to do this.  Truthfully, doing anything while driiving is dangerous.  Anything that takes even a little bit of your attention off the road is not good to do.

So, let's assume that I had a tripod from this point forward.  My tripod happens to look and act just like a steering wheel in a car.  I balanced the camera on top of my steering whe - tripod.  Never mind.

Anyhow, the sun was well on its way down, and I managed to get this unique moment.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what my camera was set at.  I think all I was able to manage was to lower the ISO.

Police On Duty

Police On Duty

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