Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Photograph : Snakes on a Bush

Let's lay it out for you.  It is early morning on a Saturday.  Blurry-eyed, I begin mowing my front yard.  I make my first ring around the yard.  Then, as I make my first pass at the front of the house, I notice movement in the bushes...

To my surpise, there were two black racer snakes in the bush in front of our master bedroom window.  I immediately stopped mowing and ran to get the camera.  As I took pictures, it soon became clear to me that these two snakes were mating in the bush.  It was an amazing moment to witness, much less get a picture of.

I used only the early morning sunrise for light, and didn't even bother with the settings on the camera.  In post production, I performed a focus blur on the foreground subject, but not before sharpening the image.  (The other snake is at the top of the picture.)

Snakes on a Bush

Snakes on a Bush

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